FDA Law Closes E-Cigarette Loopholes

Addresses synthetic nicotine as well as natural nicotine.

A law that took effect last week will allow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate both artificial nicotine as well as the naturally occurring nicotine in tobacco.

This closes the loophole in the 2009 law that originally allowed the FDA to regulate nicotine products, but only products made from tobacco. E-cigarettes have been able to go unregulated because of their artificial nicotine, and are currently the most popular source of nicotine for teens in the U.S.

The change “allows FDA to protect the public health from the harms of tobacco products, regardless of the source of nicotine,” the FDA stated. With this law in effect, all companies selling nicotine-based products must register their products to the FDA for review within 30 days.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Commissioner Califf to seek God’s direction as he heads the FDA.
  • For Health Secretary Becerra to have wisdom as he oversees the various federal health agencies.
  • For the president and his administration as health regulations are proposed and implemented.

Sources: AP, CNN


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