John Kerry Promotes Renewable Energy over Russian Oil

Spoke in Palau at oceans conference.

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry spoke at the Our Oceans conference in Palau, featured as the opening speaker for the conference Wednesday evening. He touched on a number of climate-related topics, including plastic in the ocean, the shipping industry as a major greenhouse gas contributor, and Palau’s efforts to boost offshore renewable energy.

He also noted the opportunity the world has to transition away from reliance on Russian energy, saying that countries can step away from Russian gas while it is locked under global sanctions. 

“Now is the time to accelerate the transition to an independent and a clean energy future. President Putin cannot control the power of the wind or the sun,” Mr. Kerry said.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and his administration as they consider actions to address climate and the environment.
  • For Administrator Regan as he oversees the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • For Special Envoy Kerry as he represents the U.S. at climate events.

Sources: AP, Reuters


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