New Navy Strategy Could Mean Decommissioning New Warships

Focusing more on sea power than speed.

The U.S. Navy announced the intention to decommission nine recently purchased warships in favor of curating a tighter, more powerful fleet. The nine Freedom-class combat ships were purchased in 2010 and cost about $4.5 billion to build.

These speedy warships were meant to engage in the high-speed chases deemed necessary in 2001 for catching pirates and terrorists, but Navy strategists believe slower, higher-powered warships are more appropriate for 2022’s competition with Russia and China.

“We need a ready, capable, lethal force more than we need a bigger force that’s less ready, less lethal, and less capable,” Admiral Mike Gilday said. U.S. Senate Armed Services Chair Jim Inhofe stated that switching gears so quickly is more than detrimental, and that “moving forward the Navy must avoid similar acquisition disasters.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Admiral Gilday as he oversees U.S. naval operations.
  • For wisdom for Senator Inhofe as he chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee.
  • For Secretary Del Toro to seek God’s leading as he heads the U.S. Navy.

Sources: AP, Reuters


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