Issue 537 – Verse of the Week

April 7th – April 13th, 2022


You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord.James 5:11

Sunshine and Suffering

Born in June 1851 in Philadelphia, Eliza Hewitt was educated in the local school system and graduated as valedictorian of the Girl’s National School. She became a teacher in the public schools of her city. Things looked good. But her life came to a painful halt after a reckless student struck her with a piece of slate that caused a spinal injury from which she never recovered. She might have become bitter, lying in bed day upon day. Instead, she studied English literature and began to write and sing… and her songs were of the wondrous love of Jesus, singing of His mercy and His grace. Some of Eliza’s more known hymns even today are “When We All Get to Heaven,” “Will There Be any Stars in my Crown?” and “More About Jesus Would I Know.” She wrote and sang, “Sunshine in My Soul,” and her suffering, though continual, was attended by Jesus Himself. Today’s verse in James begins with a promise, “We consider those blessed who remained steadfast.” The verse concludes with the purpose of the Lord—in Job’s life, in Eliza Hewitt’s life, and in yours—“how the Lord is compassionate and merciful.” If you are suffering today, look to Jesus for the Sunshine in Your Soul, “more glorious and bright than glows in any earthly sky, for Jesus is my light.” 

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