President Meets with Troops in Poland

“The rest of the world looks to us,” he tells them. 

On Friday, President Joe Biden visited with U.S. troops on his first stop in Poland. He commented on the importance of their work for maintaining democracy amid the Russian invasion into Ukraine. 

“Ten, fifteen years from now in terms of our organizational structures, the question is, who is going to prevail? Are democracies going to prevail and the values we share? Or are autocrats gonna? That’s really what’s at stake. So, what you’re doing is consequential, really consequential,” he told the 82nd Airborne of the United States Army stationed in Rzeszow. “We’re in the midst of a fight between democracies and oligarchs,” he said. 

The president added that, in the last decade, fewer democracies have been formed than have been lost. “The rest of the world looks to us because, you know, we not only lead by the example of our power but by the power of our example. Your generation combines both,” he said. He thanked the troops multiple times for their service. 

“What’s at stake (is) not just what we’re doing here in Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people and keep the massacre from continuing, but beyond that what’s at stake is what are your kids and grandkids going to look like in terms of their freedom?” President Biden told U.S. service members. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For continued safety for the president and all who are with him as he travels.
  • For wisdom for the president as he meets with international leaders.
  • For the U.S. troops stationed in close proximity to the conflict in Ukraine.

Sources: The Hill, CNN


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