Treasury Department Announces IRS Backlog Strategy

Extra work from pandemic addressed with “aggressive plan.”

The Department of the Treasury recently announced that they would be enacting an “aggressive plan” to catch up on heavily delayed tax returns and receipts. The number of employees at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not grown since 1970, and tracking the emergency pandemic funds has created extra work. The Treasury hopes to hire 10,000 more people in the coming months and pay adequate overtime to current employees.

“Since the pandemic began, IRS employees have been called on to go above and beyond for the American people, and they have met the moment,” said Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo. “But they’ve had to do so without adequate resources and funding, which is why the agency faces the challenges that it does today. The Biden Administration is committed to getting the IRS the stable, long-term funding it needs to be able to serve the American people.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Deputy Secretary Adeyemo as he supports efforts to clear the tax return backlog.
  • For IRS officials as they add staff and work to catch up from the pandemic.
  • That the president and his administration would seek God’s guidance on addressing remaining issues from the coronavirus.

Sources: Department of Treasury 


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