Alan Davidson, Administrator, National Telecommunication and Information Administration

Alan Davidson

Administrator, National Telecommunication and Information Administration

Alan B. Davidson earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science and a master’s degree in technology and policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also earned a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School. 

He began his career as a computer scientist and helped design information systems for NASA’s Space Station Freedom Project. He served at a public interest group that promoted civil liberties and human rights online and was director of public policy for Google in the Americas. More recently, Davidson was the vice president of Global Policy, Trust and Security at the Mozilla Foundation. He also served as the first director of digital economy at the U.S. Department of Commerce and as senior advisor to the Secretary of Commerce. 

He was nominated by President Biden to be the head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, a part of the Commerce Department, confirmed by the Senate, and assumed his position in January 2022. 

In the News…

In his first major interview since taking office, Alan Davidson said his biggest priority is making sure every American has access to affordable, high-speed internet. 

“This is like building the interstate highway system,” Davidson said. “If we do it right, it’s going to have an enduring impact on people’s lives.” 

He also said his agency, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, will soon launch a review of competition in the mobile app ecosystem, with a goal of producing a report this summer to help develop administration policy. 

“I’m really interested in understanding the challenges, particularly that innovators have in navigating the app ecosystem now,” he said. He added, “We’re really eager to understand how these things come together—how true all the arguments are, and so we’ll be assessing.” 

“My focus,” he said,” is going to be this historic moment that we have on broadband. But we have to walk and chew gum and we have been given these other missions as well.” 

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