House Speaker Responds to Russian Invasion

Supports current sanctions and is open to increase.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to recent developments in Ukraine at her weekly press briefing on Wednesday. She expressed approval of the recent sanctions against Russia and stated she is open to imposing more as the situation escalates. She was critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his efforts to redefine and trivialize Russian aggression, both in this instance and in instances past.

“It’s stunning to see, in this day and age, a tyrant roll into a country. This is the same tyrant who attacked our democracy in 2016,” Speaker Pelosi said. “This is the same tyrant who is opposed to democracy and wants to trivialize it, to downgrade it, in the eyes of the Russian people… I think that one thing that we’ve all agreed upon is an attack on Ukraine by the Russians is an attack on democracy.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Speaker Pelosi to seek God’s guidance as she leads the House of Representatives.
  • For discernment for members of Congress as they deliberate legislative actions.
  • For leaders of Congressional committees as they collaborate on upcoming acts and bills.

Sources: The Hill, Fox News


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