Sarah Bianchi, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative

Sarah Bianchi

Deputy U.S. Trade Representative

Sarah Bianchi was born in February 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. 

She worked on policy matters for two presidential campaigns, and later worked on the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and pensions for Senator Ted Kennedy. She joined the private sector, working as the head of global policy development at Airbnb and for Bloomberg News. 

She served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy under President Barack Obama. Bianchi served as director of policy for then-Vice President Joe Biden. Returning to the private sector, she became chair of the policy advisory board at the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware. 

President Biden named Bianchi as a deputy trade representative for Asia, Africa, investment services, textiles, and industrial competitiveness. She was confirmed by the Senate and assumed her office in September 2021. 

Bianchi has two children. 

In the News…

Under a deal signed by President Donald Trump in January 2020, China pledged to increase purchases of U.S. farm and manufactured goods, energy, and services by $200 billion above 2017 levels during 2020 and 2021. Phase 1 of the trade deal expired at the end of 2021, and China has failed to meet its commitments. 

“You know, it is really clear that the Chinese haven’t met their commitment with Phase 1. That’s something we’re trying to address,” Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Sarah Bianchi told a virtual forum hosted by the Washington International Trade Association. 

Through November, China had met only about 60 percent of that goal. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in late January told legislators that China’s purchases of U.S. farm goods fell short of the Phase 1 goal by about $13 billion. 

The deputy trade representative, whose portfolio includes China and Asian trade matters, did not identify steps President Biden’s administration is taking to hold China to its Phase 1 commitments, which include some increased Chinese market access for U.S. agriculture, biotechnology, and financial services. 

“It’s not our goal to escalate here. But certainly, we’re looking at all the tools we have in our toolbox to make sure they’re held accountable,” Ms. Bianchi said. 

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