Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year from all of us at The Presidential Prayer Team!

We pray that God will shower you with blessings and peace in 2022 and fill you with joy and hope. Thank you for praying along with us through this past year and we look forward with anticipation as we continue together into the new year.

Ahead of the holiday, the president praised the American people and spoke about the capacity the nation’s citizens have to come together to beat the odds. “We’ve learned again this year what we’ve always known, there’s no quit in America. No matter how tough the challenge, how high the obstacles, we always overcome. This virus has been tough, but we’ve been tougher,” the president said.

“As we enter the new year, I’m more optimistic about America’s future than I’ve ever been. You know, at our best, we’ve taken every crisis we faced and turned it into an opportunity to be a stronger and a better nation,” he continued, adding, “That’s because we are the United States of America and there’s nothing we can’t do if we do it together.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God’s blessing on America and that God would use this upcoming year to draw the nation and all Americans to Himself.
  • For wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for the president as he begins the new year and works to address the challenges that the nation faces.
  • For safety, protection, and strength for the men and women of the armed services as they are away from family and sacrificing of themselves to secure American freedoms and ideals around the world.

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