President Signs Three Bills Into Law

Renames buildings and extends COVID relief for veterans’ education. 

On Tuesday, President Biden signed three bills into law. H.R. 390 renamed the Federal building in Memphis, Tennessee, H.R. 4660 renamed the Federal building in Wheeling, West Virginia, and H.R. 5545 extended financial cushioning for veterans’ education in response to the pressures of COVID-19. 

In signing legislation, the president formally names each Congressional representative who wrote and championed the passed bill as it moved through the House and the Senate, thanking them for their leadership in doing the work it takes to shape the laws of the United States according to the voices of their constituents. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That U.S. Representatives and Senators would continue to lend a listening ear as they advocate for the citizens they serve.
  • That Congress members would experience rest and refreshment during the holiday recess.
  • That President Biden seeks the Lord for guidance as he fields recommendations and suggestions from advisors and committees.

Sources: The White House


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