Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court Finalizes Report

It seeks to answer the question of terms limits, adding judges, and other reform of the High Court.

In April, President Joe Biden issued an executive order forming the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States to “provide an analysis of the principal arguments in the contemporary public debate for and against Supreme Court reform, including an appraisal of the merits and legality of particular reform proposals.” Those proposals included the size of the Court, the length of service and turnover of Justices, case selection, rules and practices. 

The Commission has released a draft report signaling “profound disagreement” regarding the size of the nation’s highest branch but offering a more sympathetic view to the possibility of term limits for justices. The bipartisan group of  34 legal experts agreed unanimously on Tuesday to submit the nearly 300-page report as final to the president. 

The draft report also featured chapters noting the history of proposed changes to the Supreme Court and ideas for reducing the court’s power. Another significant item focused on the so-called shadow docket, which handles emergency cases with major impacts without full briefings and arguments. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For clear discernment for the president as he reviews the report and makes decisions as a result.
  • For God to guide and direct each of the Supreme Court Justices as they are weighing the merits of the nation’s most critical cases.

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