Colonel Joseph Gardner, Division Chief, Defense Collaboration Services, U.S. Army

Colonel Joseph Gardner

Division Chief, Defense Collaboration Services, U.S. Army

Joseph Gardner earned an undergraduate degree from Georgia Southern University and received a Master of Arts in Information Technology from  Webster University. He entered the U.S. Army and received additional education. 

Prior to entering Officer Candidate School, Gardner served as a Signal Support Systems Specialist stationed in Germany, Fort Bliss, Korea, and Fort Bragg. He was a battalion signal officer and company commander in support of a Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He later became Executive and Operations Officer of a Signal Battalion in Italy before becoming Regional Affairs Strategist for Central and Southeast Europe. He also deployed to Kuwait. 

He served the secretary of Defense as an Executive Fellow, and since June 2021, has been Division Chief of the Army’s Defense Collaboration Services. 

In the News…

The Army is leaving its current Defense Enterprise Email System and moving to a Microsoft Office 365-based service that, in addition to email, would provide some soldiers with access to Teams and SharePoint, among other services. The force will also move to the new email domain, which many soldiers already have. 

“This is one of many leaps that the Army is making with modernization,” said Colonel Joseph Gardner, the senior officer overseeing the service’s email migration. “The Army remains committed to ensuring that all soldiers, civilians, and contractors, as necessary, have access to the tools for collaboration and communication they need for their daily duties.” 


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