President Signs Bills That Help Vets and Military

He calls obligations to them “sacred.” 

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden signed four bipartisan bills that are intended to help veterans and military families. The legislation does this by addressing disparities in benefits, creating recruiting programs, reducing education costs for surviving families, and addressing the mental health crisis among veterans. 

The president said, “We have many obligations, but we only have one truly sacred obligation mind you and that is prepare those we send into harm’s way and care for their families when they’re gone and care for them and their families when they’re home. That’s a lifetime commitment, a lifetime commitment the nation owes to every one of our veterans.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president to seek God’s direction as he performs the duty of commander in chief.
  • For God’s hand of protection for the U.S. Armed Forces when they are in harm’s way. 
  • For military families who sacrifice as their loved ones serve. 

Sources: The Hill, 


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