New England Experiences Strong Nor’easter

Hurricane-force winds cause great power outages. 

Hundreds of thousands of people in New England are left without power Wednesday morning as a strong storm charged up the East Coast with hurricane-force winds that downed trees and power lines. 

The storm, classified as a bomb cyclone, unleashed wind gusts in Massachusetts that rivaled a Category 1 hurricane in some areas and caused serious flooding in parts of New York and New Jersey. Video footage from Massachusetts captured powerful winds and rain, ripping colorful autumn foliage off trees. 

Nor’easters are often associated with snow, but this storm featured only rain, although it still had the defining quality to make it a nor’easter—the direction of the wind. Some of the strongest winds blew from the northeast, churning up rough seas along the coast. Damage and destruction have been widespread. 

No injuries or deaths from the storm have been reported. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For officials and first responders in the affected areas as they seek to help residents recover from the storm.
  • For the people in the areas of the storm who have been injured. 
  • For safety for those in New England who may have suffered property damage in addition to power outages. 
  • For utility crews who will be working around the clock to restore power. 

Sources: Wall Street Journal, AccuWeather, ABC News 


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