Christine Wilson, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

Christine Wilson

Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

Christine Smith Wilson was born in May 1970 in Orlando, Florida. She earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and received her Juris Doctor from the Georgetown University Law Center. While at Georgetown, she served as a law clerk for the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Competition. She later joined the agency as chief of staff to the FTC chair. 

She entered private practice specializing in competition law. 

President Donald Trump named Wilson to serve as a commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, and she assumed office in 2018. 

In the News…

Some commissioners at the Federal Trade Commission, including the chairman, have stated that antitrust law enforcement has been lackluster and overly focused on consumer welfare and the price of goods. They have consolidated agency power and expanded regulatory authority to challenge anti-competitive behavior more thoroughly in the past few months. 

Others, including Commissioner Christine Wilson, are concerned that pushing a social agenda would create uncertainty and lack of objectivity to antitrust enforcement. 

During a hearing before a House committee, Commissioner Wilson said, “What is happening now, I believe, is going further afield and looking not at what happens for competition for labor, but other social values. And I disagree with expanding the scope of antitrust beyond competition, which is the load that it is designed to carry. We are not equipped to evaluate the other factors that are now being shoe-horned into antitrust analysis.” 

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Did you pray for Commissioner Wilson today? You can let her know at:

Commissioner Christine Wilson 
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