Issue 511 – Verse of the Week

October 7th – October 13th, 2021


Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Matthew 6:34


Tomorrow—it’s a word that strikes trepidation in some and anticipation in others. One thing is certain: you do not know what the day will hold for you. Another certainty… Jesus told you not to worry about it. Worry is like a very dense fog. A patch of fog that covers seven city blocks to a depth of 100 feet actually contains very little water… less than 8 ounces. But the trillions of droplets of water spread out over a large area blurs your vision and slows you down if you are trying to navigate through it. Worry is like that. An eight-ounce cup of worry can fog your perspective and make things seem worse than they are. Two things are true of worry. When you worry, you assume the responsibility for something you have no control over. And when you worry, your faith in God diminishes. Take your worries and concerns and cast them upon the Lord. Then relax. God’s got it! 

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