New Pill “Gamechanger” Against COVID

Cuts hospitalizations and deaths in half. 

Pharmaceutical company Merck says new data on Molnupiravir shows a reduced risk of hospitalization or death by up to 50 percent in clinical trials. 

The company CEO said, “You can take it home and it will significantly reduce the risk that you either ultimately are hospitalized or more importantly that you would ever face the unfortunate outcome of death.” 

The breakthrough anti-viral treatment would be given as a series of pills within five days of testing positive for COVID. It is believed to also be effective against the Delta, Gamma, and Wu variants. 

Through 29 days of trials, no deaths were reported in patients who received the drug compared to 8 deaths in patients who got the placebo. 

Merck will ask the FDA for emergency use authorization. 

Meanwhile, the numbers show hospital admissions for COVID are down by 27,000 in recent weeks. Health officials say the overall COVID infection rate is significantly down for the first time in three months. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For officials in the FDA as they consider the new medication for COVID.
  • For U.S. health directors as they evaluate treatments and options for the viral infection.
  • For wisdom for those approving and recommending therapeutic substances.

Sources: Reuters, CBN, Wall Street Journal 


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