Supreme Court Includes Campaign Finance Case

Consideration of cases for fall docket continues.

A case from Senator Ted Cruz that challenges a federal campaign finance rule is among the five cases added to the Supreme Court’s docket for the coming term. This case involves a personal loan given to his own campaign that was included among “net debts outstanding” after the election. The provision under which it was done, and reimbursement made, may be a violation of the First Amendment based on the limit of amounts according to the lower court.

The filing by the senator claims the loan repayment limit “burdens the core First Amendment rights of candidates, committees, and contributors” and should be subject to scrutiny.

The nation’s high court has yet to decide if it will consider a procedural challenge in a case involving art stolen by the Nazis during World War II, a case involving New Jersey gun restrictions and state bans on abortion based on a parental Down syndrome diagnosis.

The Court will consider several high-profile cases, including that of a Texas prisoner who wants his pastor by his side for his execution, and a Mississippi law prohibiting abortion after the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Supreme Court Justices as they consider cases to add to the upcoming term.
  • For the justices as they prepare to begin hearing oral arguments.
  • For the Court to determine the constitutionality of the campaign finance rule.

Sources: SCOTUS Blog, Washington Examiner


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