Issue 510 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with the chief of the Russian General Staff for six hours in Helsinki. He said his meeting with his Russian counterpart was “productive” as the U.S. and its allies look to strategies for fighting terrorism following the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

The Defense Department and National Intelligence Agency have teamed up to propose a new federal office that would scrutinize and evaluate “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs, to determine once and for all whether decades of numerous unexplained sightings are the result of a rival power on the world stage or a power from another world entirely. UAP is the official description for what are commonly called “unidentified flying objects” or UFOs.

Pray for the military’s leadership and the decisions they make in the post-Afghan war era.


A study by a Washington-based democracy watchdog organization, Freedom House, said internet freedom has declined for the eleventh consecutive year globally. In the U.S., internet freedom declined for the eleventh consecutive year as well and the U.S. ranked 12th in Internet freedom. Ireland was number one. The organization reported that the “laissez-faire approach to the tech industry created opportunity for authoritarian manipulation, data exploitation and widespread malfeasance.” They said that without proper oversight, misinformation was able to flourish and proliferate even influencing public perception and acceptance of election results.

Pray for U.S. officials as they consider the freedom of internet expression and the censorship of Freedom of Speech that has occurred.


Taiwan’s air force scrambled again to warn off 19 Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone, the latest uptick in tensions across the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese aircraft included 12 J-16 fighters and two nuclear-capable H6 bombers, the Taiwan defense ministry said.

Amnesty International has reported in detail about human rights abuses being carried out by the Taliban a month after the militant group took over the government of Afghanistan. Their report said, “The Taliban clearly demonstrated that they are not serious about practicing or respecting human rights.”

Pray for the people of Afghanistan now living under Taliban rule and Sharia law.


A new study from the CDC says the more sedentary lifestyles children experienced during the pandemic that has resulted in substantial weight gain and childhood obesity is something the nation will have to grapple with.

The chief executive officer of vaccine-maker Moderna thinks the coronavirus pandemic could be over in a year as increased vaccine production ensures global supplies.

Pray for individuals and families still dealing with the COVID-19 virus and the health consequences unrelated to the virus that are the result of mitigation methods.


Opposition from some in the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives forced leaders to remove $1 billion in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system from the Defense Authorization Act. The Iron Dome is their main air defense system against incoming rocket and missile attacks. While the opposition group said they would vote against the entire package if it included money for Israel, two days later the House voted overwhelmingly in favor of a stand-alone bill to provide $1 billion to replenish the Iron Dome.

Representative Claudia Tenney of New York introduced the “Anti-BDS Labeling Act” which would prevent President Biden’s administration from walking back an existing policy that requires any Israeli goods produced in Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank, to be labeled as “Made in Israel.” A companion bill was also filed in the Senate.

Pray for members of the president’s administration and Congress as anti-Semitism appears to be increasing.


Flight bookings declined rapidly over the last two months amid a rise in Delta variant COVID-19 cases. Online customers spent 24 percent less in August than they spent in July, and registrations were down 39 percent in September. Overall, flight purchases are 35 percent below pre-pandemic levels.

Economic experts are downgrading growth predictions for the American economy. The National Association of Business Economics has dropped its prediction of a 6.7 percent growth for 2021 to 5.6 percent, more than a full percentage point since May. The report is compiled by surveying 47 economic experts. They have repeatedly pointed to concerns about inflation, and inflation expectations have moved up significantly from those in May 2021.

Pray for economic and market officials as they evaluate the increase in inflation and seek ways to support commerce.

Pray for Justice in America

A lawyer representing several defendants arrested in connection with the January 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol is sounding alarm bells over conditions he says cannot be called “anything other than cruel and unusual” as suspects who have no criminal history and who are charged in non-violent crimes are allegedly held in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours per day and denied bail.

Pray for a more equal application of the law when establishing bail or release for those who have committed crimes at varied levels.

Pray for Goodness in America

Police officers in Omaha, Nebraska, found a unique way to protect and serve their community through involvement in the Kids and Cops program. Officers bring much-needed joy and comfort in situations where children facing serious medical conditions as they voluntarily step in to give parents a break, interact with the children, give them tickets to events, parties, meals, and even become pen-pals.

Give thanks for programs like Kids and Cops that help to break down barriers between the citizenry and law enforcement that have occurred in the recent year.

Pray for America’s Education

Charter schools added hundreds of thousands of public school students across the U.S. during the pandemic, according to a new analysis from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Private school enrollment and homeschooling continue to rise as many parents evaluate America’s public education and make the switch for their children.

Pray for parents of school-aged students who are seeking the best education methods for their children.

Pray for America’s Technology

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is leading a committee hearing regarding Facebook allegedly knowing about but not publicly disclosing data that showed the negative impact of Instagram on teenagers.

Pray for members of Congress and leaders in communications industries regarding the methods for reaching children versus protecting them.

Pray for Needs Across the States

The Florida Heartbeat Act was filed with the legislature last week. The bill requires a physician to conduct a test for, and inform a woman seeking an abortion of, the presence of a detectable fetal heartbeat. It also prohibits physicians from performing or inducing abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected or if a test to detect a fetal heartbeat is not conducted. 

West Virginia is set to receive more than half a million dollars in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the bulk of which will go to West Virginia University where it will be used in agricultural research efforts in plant science, biochemistry, textile science, entomology, genetics, plant pathology, soil science, environmental microbiology, food science and water science.

Pray for the legislatures in several states who are following the Texas fetal heartbeat bill despite federal efforts to deny the states the right to legislate on abortion.

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“I just saw the Church getting worse and worse, and I would see the way people would bash each other. We’re getting further and further away from what God wants.
With all the fighting, we talk so much, we have pressure to talk so much — we don’t know how to quietly be in awe of Almighty God together. If we did, we’d find ourselves on our knees, in tears.”
– Francis Chan, author, teacher, preacher, and church planter.

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