China Sends Military Aircraft to Taiwan’s Airspace

Claims sovereignty over the island nation that has applied for Pacific trade group membership.

On Thursday, Taiwan announced its application for membership to a Pacific trade group that currently has 11 nations as members. Not long after this news, two dozen military planes flew near Taiwan, including fighters, bombers, and an electronic warfare aircraft. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported that a second flight of a few of the People’s Liberation Army aircraft had entered their Air Defense Identification Zone later that afternoon. 

The trade group, called the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, had been previously promoted by President Obama. A Taiwan Cabinet minister has expressed concerns over the conflict that may arise if China is admitted to the group before Taiwan is.

Taiwan, a democracy with a market economy, has had its own government since the civil war that ended in 1949, after which the Communist Party ruled the mainland. The two nations have had trade and investment connections but no formal ties. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry recently called the Taiwan region “an inalienable part of China.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Biden and his advisors to seek God’s wisdom in supporting Taiwan.
  • For Secretary Blinken and the diplomats of the State Department as they interact with leaders of both nations.
  • For discernment for U.S. military leaders in developing strategies to protect against aggression from China.

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