Taliban Asks to Address World Leaders at UN

The group is seeking international recognition.

In a letter sent to the United Nations Secretary General, the Taliban asked to address the world’s leaders in New York this week. They also nominated their spokesman as Afghanistan’s new UN ambassador. The UN General Assembly is currently meeting and will finish this session on Monday.

The request for the Taliban to be the official representative of Afghanistan has been sent to a nine-member credentials committee, whose members include the United States, China, and Russia. It is not likely that the committee will meet before Monday, so it is doubtful that the Taliban foreign minister will address the world body.

The UN acceptance of the ambassador of the Taliban would be an important step in the hardline Islamist group’s bid for international recognition—which would help unlock funds for the cash-strapped Afghan economy.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the credentialing committee of the UN as they consider whether or not to allow replace the current ambassador of Afghanistan with a Taliban representative.
  • For officials trying to care for humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan such as increasing food and fuel shortages.
  • For Americans and allied Afghans still seeking to leave that country.

Sources: Reuters, US News & World Report


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