Durham Grand Jury Indicts Lawyer

He is accused of knowingly making false statements to the FBI.

John Durham is the special counsel tapped by President Trump’s administration to audit the Russia investigation. A federal grand jury working with him has now handed down an indictment against a cybersecurity attorney, Michael Sussman, who is alleged to have made a false statement to the FBI knowing he was doing so.

Sussman, a former federal prosecutor, lied to the FBI regarding who, if anyone, he was representing when he tipped off the Bureau about communications between President Trump’s organization and a Kremlin-connected Russian bank.

During the course of his now years-long investigation, Durham discovered discrepancies between Sussman’s congressional testimony and claims he made during his September interview with the FBI.  The Durham investigation has found that Sussman billed the time he spent on the Alfa Bank probe to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, suggesting she was “fanning the flames” of the Russian probe.

Sussman’s attorneys issued a statement saying their client has committed no crime.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the federal grand jury working with John Durham as they determine what other actions to take.
  • For the truth of the investigation to be revealed.
  • For those who have misled the government and the public to be brought to justice.

Sources: Fox News, National Review, Newsmax


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