Issue 508 – Federal Branches

Praying for Our Leaders in Government

Executive Branch: Pray for the President and his Administration

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that the president’s administration has stopped using the term ”illegal alien” replacing it with “non-citizen.” He said his department will not accept substandard treatment of migrants who arrive at the southern border.

Climate Envoy John Kerry said that unless the world’s top 20 worst emitters do not take bold action to tackle the climate crisis, the global environment will reach a point of no return. “There are 20 countries that are responsible for about 80 percent of all the emissions in the world, and if those countries are not doing enough, the rest of the world is doomed by their actions—or lack of actions, as the case may be,” he said.

Pray for wisdom for the president and officials in his administration.

Legislative Branch: Pray for Senators and Representatives in Congress

House Ways and Means Committee member, Representative Suzan DelBene of Washington is among a group of legislators in the House urging members of the Senate to keep the four-year expansion of the child tax credit. They also want a permanent provision for the benefit to be fully available to the lowest income individuals.

Senator Rand Paul said recently disclosed documents providing new details on the extent of U.S. funding of coronavirus research in China lends credence to his assertions that Dr. Anthony Fauci lied in testimony before Congress about gain-of-function research at a lab in Wuhan, China.

Pray for members of Congress who have many weighty matters to deliberate.

Judicial Branch: Pray for Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges

A federal judge ordered Apple to stop restricting app developers from directing customers to alternative ways to pay for services. The decision will allow companies to avoid Apple’s commission of as much as 30 percent on some app sales.

The Supreme Court announced it will resume hearing oral arguments in person when its new session begins in October. Arguments and docket debates had been held virtually since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the spring of 2020.

Pray for the Supreme Court justices as they finalize their fall schedule for hearing oral arguments.

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