Hundreds of Thousands Still Without Power in Louisiana

It has been 9 days since Hurricane Ida devastated the region.

A tremendous number of homes and businesses in Louisiana, mostly outside of New Orleans, still do not have power. More than half of the gas stations in two major cities are without fuel. All as a result of damage done by Hurricane Ida nine days ago that splintered homes and toppled electric lines.

While there are signs of recovery in some areas, the total number of people without electricity are still in the hundreds of thousands. The sweltering heat of August may have peaked, but temperatures remain in the high 80s and humidity is always high. People have used gas generators to keep food refrigerated, but with fuel being limited, that option may run out in a matter of days.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said that there has been much progress in restoring power and water, but “there’s an awful lot of work to be done.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For FEMA officials as they coordinate federal assistance with local recovery efforts.
  • For the governor, health officials, and utility companies working to restore areas and keep people from getting ill due to heat exhaustion or unsanitary conditions.
  • For the people of southeast Louisiana who have been the hardest hit by Hurricane Ida and who remain without power, water, and fuel.
  • For families whose homes and businesses have been destroyed by the power of the hurricane.

Sources: AP, Washington Times


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