Vice President Visits McCain Memorial in Vietnam

She offered a commemoration of the late-senator’s life.

On Wednesday, Vice President Harris visited a memorial dedicated to the late Senator John McCain. The memorial is located near the spot his plane was shot down during the Vietnam war. The vice president laid a bouquet of flowers at the site to mark the third anniversary of Senator McCain’s death. She served with Senator McCain for two years together in the U.S. Senate.

Vice President Harris reflected on his life saying, “John McCain was an extraordinary American hero. I was honored and privileged to serve with him for a short time in the United States Senate.” She added, “He was so courageous and really lived the life of a hero — the sacrifices he made that were on every scale imaginable, loved our country and really always fought for the best of who we are.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the veterans who served in Vietnam and the families of all those who were lost.
  • For safety for the vice president as she travels.
  • For Vice President Harris to seek God’s direction as she interacts with foreign dignitaries.

Sources: The Hill, Fox News, NPR


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