Supreme Court Says to Reinstate Remain-in-Mexico

President had canceled the policy during his first days in office.

The Supreme Court reinstated a policy put in place during the previous administration that requires asylum applicants to wait in Mexico while their claims are evaluated by U.S. authorities.

President Biden had canceled the Migrant Protection Protocols, commonly called the Remain-in-Mexico policy. Lower courts had found the administration failed to follow proper procedures in ending the policy and that the alternative of paroling asylum applicants into the U.S. en masse may violate federal law.

President Biden’s administration asked the Supreme Court to let it cancel the policy during an appeal of the lower court’s decision, but the justices said the government was unlikely to prevail.

The Supreme Court’s order, which was not signed, said the administration “failed to show a likelihood of success on the claim that the memorandum rescinding the Migrant Protection Protocols was not arbitrary and capricious.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For border protection agents as they attempt to maintain security at the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • For the president’s administration to follow the law and rulings regarding the Remain-in-Mexico policy.
  • For state and local leaderships endeavoring to handle the thousands of migrants entering the U.S. every week.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, The Epoch Times


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