President Biden Addresses Nation on Taliban Takeover

Cites larger threats from other Middle Eastern nations.

Amid growing public frustration at the approach the president’s administration has taken to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, President Biden defended his decision on Thursday. He pointed out that there was no military value to maintain a presence in Afghanistan and that the most serious military threats were various al-Qaeda outposts in other countries. 

He also pointed out the massive price tag of the 20-year long offensive saying, “the idea we can continue to spend a trillion dollars, and have tens of thousands of American forces in Afghanistan when we have North Africa and Western Africa — the idea we can do that and ignore those looming problems, growing problems, is not rational.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Biden to seek God’s wisdom on how to handle the situation in Afghanistan. 
  • For leaders in the Defense Department as they endeavor to provide safety for Americans and Afghanis. 
  • For officials and diplomats still in that nation to be safely evacuated from as the Taliban increases control. 

Sources: AP, The Hill, NPR


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