Issue 501 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

The U.S. military conducted a drone strike against al Shabab fighters in Somalia. The strike was the first against the militants since President Biden’s administration put strict limits on military action in the East Africa nation pending a review of drone policy. Al Shabab is affiliated with al Qaeda.

The U.S. military launched several airstrikes in support of Afghan government forces fighting Taliban insurgents, including in the strategically important province of Kandahar. The strikes demonstrate U.S. intentions to continue supporting Afghan forces with combat aircraft based outside the country, at least until the scheduled conclusion of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Pray for U.S. military officials and the warfighting limitations placed upon them by the administration.


Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and 24 other members of the Senate, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, filed an amicus brief in a Second Amendment case the Supreme Court is set to hear this fall. The brief argues that New York gun law violates the right to bear arms under the Constitution. New York law prohibits carrying a firearm outside the home without a license and then makes it extremely difficult to get a license, by requiring people to show cause why they should get a license.

Pray for U.S. officials seeking to protect America’s freedoms as set forth in the Bill of Rights and Constitution.


The State Department has reopened an inquiry into an Israeli government report that Qatar’s monarchy funded Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization.

The U.S. announced a special envoy to help coordinate American assistance in Haiti, including efforts promoting long-term peace and elections after the assassination of Haiti’s president earlier this month.

Pray for diplomats and administrators in the State Department and other agencies concerning situations in Iran, Haiti, and Cuba.


Health officials report the Delta variant is the most transmissible version of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, though deaths have not markedly increased. The CDC has recommended masks be used indoors for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated in areas experiencing an increase in cases.

A top Chinese health official said the government does not accept World Health Organization plans for a follow-up investigation into the origins of COVID-19, calling a theory that it started from a laboratory leak a “rumor.” Their comments came days after the WHO director-general said it was “too early” to rule out the lab leak theory and proposed a second phase of study into the virus’ origins.

Pray for health officials as the search for the origins of the COVID-19 virus continues and for wisdom for mitigation efforts against the variants.


The Israel Defense Forces said it struck a Hamas military base in response to incendiary balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip. Israel stated the Hamas target was near civilian sites in Gaza, including a school. The fire balloons sparked at least three fires, but no injuries were reported. Also in response to the attacks, Israel said it would restrict Gaza’s fishing zone from 12 nautical miles to 6. It is common for Israel to reduce Gaza’s fishing zone. Hamas has warned of more attacks and violence if Israel tightens restrictions on the Gaza Strip.

Israel launched its first direct commercial flights to Morocco, less than a year after the two nations normalized relations. Both Israir and El Al carried tourists between the two countries in “historic” flights on Sunday. Morocco is one of four countries to normalize ties with Israel in 2020 under the Abraham Accords.

Pray for Prime Minister Bennett as he will be making a trip to the U.S. soon to meet with President Biden.


Business activity grew at a moderate pace for a second straight month in July amid supply constraints, reflecting a slowing in economic activity after what was expected to have been a robust second quarter.

Continued strong demand has raised the median home price in America to a record high in June to $363,300. This is an increase of 23.4 percent over a year earlier, according to the National Association of Realtors. Existing home sales increased 1.4 percent in June over the prior month, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.86 million.

Pray for financial officials as they assess supports for the slowing American economy and preventions to inflation.

Pray for Justice in America

Farmers in Texas are requesting restitution from the White House for overseeing one of the largest surges in illegal immigration in the U.S. in nearly two decades. They say damage is being caused to ranches and farms by migrants and the damages are costly. Landowners are experiencing “cut fences, destroyed crops, compromised water sources, vandalism, litter on their property, and more.” The group stated, “Coyotes abandon people, steal vehicles, vandalize property and threaten the safety and livelihoods of farmers and ranchers. They are often criminals who smuggle drugs and firearms into the country, frequently leaving them on farmers’ and ranchers’ property, causing unrest for farm and ranch families.”

Pray for federal officials as they consider the responsibility of the president’s administration to the farmers and ranchers because of the “open door” immigration policy.

Pray for Goodness in America

A group of high school students in Potomac, Maryland, designed and built a custom device that would attach to a teacher’s wheelchair to provide the disabled teacher with a means to attach a baby stroller so that he could take his newborn for a walk. The students created different designs, used 3D modeling software, tested out prototypes, and ultimately had them “family-tested.” The school’s coordinator said he encouraged the students to focus on “empathy-driven” projects.

Give thanks for teachers and students who are working with empathy to care for and do good to their neighbors.

Pray for America’s Media

The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Justice released findings of an investigation that found that during the months of the Russia collusion investigation and even before the November 2016 presidential election, the media had a number of unauthorized contacts with a senior FBI official to whom they also gave gifts such as tickets for two black-tie dinner events, drinks, and lunches, all in violation of FBI policy and media ethics. Their report does not name the FBI senior official.

A growing number of prominent journalists have declared once-bedrock press principles like fairness and objectivity to be outdated and unnecessary since the shift in American politics of the past five years. While some observers appreciate the honesty, others feel the blending of opinion and reporting is creating a “dangerous time” in America.

Pray for journalists and commentators to clarify the difference between facts and their opinions for audiences.

Pray for America’s Education

A student in Minnesota is speaking out after the school required grade-school children to take an “equity” survey. Some students did not understand some of the survey questions even after hearing an explanation from their teacher. One forth-grader told a school board meeting, “My teacher said that I could not skip any questions even when I didn’t understand them. One question asked was what gender we identify with. I was very confused along with a lot of other classmates.” She said that the teacher told students they were not allowed to “repeat any of the questions to our parents.”

As schools begin in-person learning, more parents have decided to homeschool their children. According to an Associated Press report, parents found homeschooling during the pandemic to be beneficial to their children. The report cited instances where parents touted the effect of teaching their own youngsters who have special needs and others looking for faith-based curricula. Additionally, some parents said they believe their children’s school systems are flawed.

Pray for parents, teachers, and school administrators as classroom topics are developed and delivered as children prepare to go back to school.

Pray for America’s Technology

Facebook, Microsoft, and others have formed a counterterrorist organization, significantly expanding the types of extremist content shared between firms in a key database, aiming to restrict material from “white supremacists and far-right militias,” the group said.

Pray for those in government who seek to protect First Amendment rights as technology companies increasingly limit freedom of speech.

Pray for Needs Across the States

The Secretary of State and Attorney General of Arizona are at odds over efforts to investigate and potentially prosecute voter fraud throughout the state, prolonging a months-long battle launched amid widespread reports of irregularities during the 2020 election that has resulted in a yet-unfinished audit of one county’s election results.

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey signed a bill that requires state middle school students to take a half-year civics course. Legislators say the bipartisan bill is intended to prepare students to become engaged voters and citizens. State Senator Tom Kean, Jr., said, “Civics is who we are as a society. It’s who our legacy is, who our future is.”

Pray for state officials who oversee elections, and for students to be taught the value of their vote and the privilege and duty of voting.

Pray for America’s Faith Community

One thing we can’t do in prayer is have a spirit of anger or resentment or unforgiveness toward another person because the whole philosophy of prayer, the whole approach to the throne of grace, is that I’m only there, sinful as I am, I’m only there and can pray in Jesus’ name because God has been so merciful to me and to you. – Jim Cymbala, Brooklyn Tabernacle

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