Enhanced Capitol Building Security to be Removed

Long-term security improvements are planned. 

The Capitol Police announced over the weekend that fencing and other increased security around the U.S. Capitol building would be removed this week. The enhanced security was put in place following the events of January 6. In February, the Capitol Police Board had recommended the fencing remain in place through September as intelligence agencies monitor potential threats.

Members of Congress have expressed frustration at the security stating that it inhibits their ability to interact with members of the public that they represent. Last month, Congress passed a bill that included sever millions of dollars for future security upgrades to the Capitol complex to ensure that riots do not occur in the future. Senate Majority Leader Schumer said, “we need to protect the Capitol, but it shouldn’t be an armed camp, plain and simple.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of Congress as security measures transition.
  • That the Capitol Police would have discernment regarding any futures threats to Capitol Hill.
  • For Congressional leaders to seek God’s direction on how best to protect the Capitol.

Sources: AP, The Hill, Politico


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