Energy Department Announces Research Projects

Projects include research into particle physics, dark matter, and dark energy.

On Monday, the Department of Energy announced that 71 new research projects would be given funding to develop new High Energy Physics technologies. 50 colleges across 29 states will be looking to better understand energy science in order to further improve the nation’s power grid, as well as possible advancements in computing, manufacturing, weapons technologies, and medicine. 

According to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, “Particle physics plays a role in many major innovations of the 21st century, and to keep our competitive edge America must invest in the scientists and engineers that are advancing basic physical science today to create the breakthroughs of tomorrow.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Energy Department as scientists and researchers seek to understand the mysteries of God’s creation.
  • That the results of this research would be a cleaner energy future for the nation.
  • For Secretary Granholm to be given wisdom as she leads the department 

Sources: Department of Energy


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