Energy Department Announces Research Funding

Focus to be on underserved regions.

This week the Department of Energy announced $22 million for nine energy research projects in states and communities that have generally been underserved by federal development funding. The projects are in the areas of chemistry and materials science, fusion, grid integration, solar and wind energy, and advanced manufacturing.

Energy Secretary Granholm said, “America’s toughest problems, from tackling the climate crisis to curing diseases, are too big to not be tapping the expertise of the best and brightest scientific minds in every pocket of our country.” She added that the funding “will spur more technological advancements and job creation—particularly in regions that historically don’t see enough of the benefits of these investments.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For officials in the Energy Department as they facilitate the development of energy sources and supports.
  • For the Energy secretary as she leads the department.
  • For effective use of tax payer funds in energy research and development.

Sources: Department of Energy


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