Nevada Moves to First in Presidential Primaries

Iowa and New Hampshire later than newly signed state legislation.

On Friday, Governor Steve Sisolak signed a law that would make Nevada the first state to vote in the 2024 presidential primary.

Other states may begin to maneuver to move up their contests, especially Iowa and New Hampshire. The national political parties would need to agree to changes on the calendar, or state parties could risk losing their delegates at the conventions where presidential candidates are nominated. Both Iowa and New Hampshire have signaled they are willing to fight to protect their first-place status.

The Nevada law will require the presidential primary to be held on the first Tuesday in February in a presidential calendar year.

“Nevada represents a diverse constituency that presidential candidates need to talk to. It is not just for us. It is for candidates to vet their issues and communicate with the kind of communities that they’re going to be asking to vote for them in the national presidential election,” Jason Frierson, the Nevada speaker of the House who promoted the change, said Friday at a bill signing ceremony in Las Vegas.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • About whether the new Nevada law will set off a “fight” to hold the first presidential primary among other states.
  • About whether the leadership of the major political parties will sign off on calendar changes.
  • About the problems that have plagued Iowa caucuses for many years and the low population of New Hampshire and how their early results affect voters.

Sources: Newsmax, ABC News


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