Darby LaJoye Executive Assistant Administrator, Transportation Security Administration

Darby LaJoye

Executive Assistant Administrator, Transportation Security Administration

Darby LaJoye was born in February 1976. He earned an undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Richmond. He served in the Army in various light infantry and airborne units. He attended Harvard Business School for Executive Education and was awarded a master’s degree in National Security Strategy from the National War College as well as a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Public Administration from Liberty University.

He joined the Transportation Security Administration and served as Federal Security Director in Los Angeles and in New York.  He was instrumental in the federalization of airports throughout the Northeast and Midwest regions.

He assumed his current role as the Executive Assistant Administrator for Security Operations and Deputy Assistant Administrator in September 2016.

In the News…

Darby LaJoye, the senior official performing the duties of the Transportation Security Administration’s administrator, said the TSA is continuing the mask mandate in airports and aboard aircraft through September 13 for all individuals, whether they have received vaccinations or not.

Further, TSA agents are handling mask mandate violations in airports the “same way” they would travelers trying to carry firearms or other prohibited items through security checkpoints.

“We’ve got thousands of inspectors, so you know, as a normal part of what we do, we don’t only just screen people at checkpoints, but we also have compliance inspectors who enforce a variety of federal regulations throughout the transportation system,” LaJoye said following a news conference with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about aviation security during summer travel. “So being able to respond to incidents at an airport is not something that’s new to us.”

Currently, travelers are required to show a recent negative COVID test to board a plane. LaJoye was asked if he thinks the U.S. should require travelers to provide proof of vaccination before they are able to board an aircraft.

“I’m pretty clear and encouraging everyone to go get vaccinated, but just to alleviate any potential confusion, it is a federal mask mandate irrespective of one’s vaccination status, or state or local ordinances,” he said. “It is a federal requirement to wear a mask on all forms of public transportation.”

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