Census Data Requires Reapportionment

Population shift gives more representation to red states.

State populations are shifting, and the nation’s political center of gravity moved more to the South and West, according to new information released Monday by the Census Bureau.

Texas, Florida, and other Sun Belt states will be gaining congressional seats, while New York, Ohio and California lost them.

Altogether, the population of the U.S. rose to 331,449,281, a 7.4 percent increase—but one that was the second-lowest on record.

The new allocation of congressional seats came in the U.S. Census Bureau’s first release of data from a 2020 headcount. The numbers chart familiar American migration patterns, and confirm one historic marker: For the first time in 170 years of statehood, California is losing a congressional seat, a result of slowed migration to the nation’s most populous state.

The numbers released Monday, along with more detailed data expected later this year, will be used by state legislatures or independent commissions to redraw political district maps to account for shifts in population.

Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas are gaining Congressional representation. States losing seats include New York, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The 2022 elections will reflect the changes.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For state legislatures and commissions charged with redistricting in states to reflect the Census Bureau data.
  • For the Census Bureau officials as they share the results with various government agencies.
  • For the new U.S. representatives who will be elected to Congress in 2022.

Sources: Newsmax, Wall Street Journal


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