Federal Judge Orders LA Skid Row Cleaned Up

The court takes over efforts to rehome the homeless.

U.S. District Court Judge David Carter issued a 109-page order Tuesday, faulting city bureaucrats for the conditions that exist in Los Angeles’ homeless areas, and saying they may have violated the U.S. Constitution clauses of “equal protection” and “due process.”

The judge said that corruption, racism, and inaction by Los Angeles city and county officials have caused the massive homeless problem, and intervention by the courts is the only way to ensure that people are provided with shelter.

His order asserted that bureaucrats have taken in billions of tax dollars without any real results to stem the tide of homelessness that increases by double digits each year. The judge has now taken control of the city’s and county’s homeless abatement efforts and ordered housing for the entire Skid Row population of 4,600 by October.

“For decades in Los Angeles, the desperation of its citizens has been met with a yawn. Each day, newspaper headlines bring forth different cities and communities calling for action. Meanwhile, politicians measure success by how much money they have raised to combat homelessness,” Judge Carter wrote. “Bureaucrats create statistics trumpeting their efficiency and success to the public. But none of this has led to accountability or solutions. Los Angeles is indisputably facing a homelessness crisis that merits immediate, emergency action.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti disagreed with the judge’s ruling, stating that they had some 89 projects underway to address the problem.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal judges as they seek to ensure proper administration of resources and care of the public.
  • For city and county officials to comply with the orders of the judge to provide appropriate shelter for the homeless.
  • For healthcare and social workers to aid those in the homeless population who are stuggling with mental health.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Los Angeles Times


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