Legislators Reintroduce Anti-First Strike Bill

Bill would convert nuclear arsenal to defensive tool only. 

Last Thursday, lawmakers reintroduced legislation to prevent the United States from using nuclear weapons in a first-strike attack. Senator Elizabeth Warren laid out the reasoning for the bill saying, “Threatening to use nuclear weapons first makes America less safe because it increases the chances of a miscalculation or an accident. There are no winners in a nuclear war, and the U.S. should never start one.”

The United States has historically had the public stance that it reserves the right to carry out a first strike against an enemy. The proposed bill would ultimately transition the nuclear arsenal as a defensive tactic if the country was ever targeted by nuclear weapons. President Biden has also publically supported such a measure stating he couldn’t imagine a scenario where an offensive action would be the wise decision. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would guide Congress to pass laws that preserve peace. 
  • For the Lord to give legislators wisdom as they consider this bill.
  • That God would prevent a nuclear war from ever happening. 

Sources: The Hill, AP, Politico


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