White House Budget Office Asks for Spending Increase

Proposed budget would reduce defense spending while raising other administation priorities.

President Biden’s term goals were identified in the release of his first federal budget proposal last week. The $1.5 trillion plan requests an 8.4% increase in spending for health care, education, affordable housing, and environmental needs. ”I’m hoping it’ll have some bipartisan support across the board,” the president said before an Oval Office meeting with his economics team

Those opposed to the budget proposal objected to the cuts to military spending this plan would implement. Senate Minority Leader McConnell joined with other senators of his party in a joint statement, stating, “Cutting America’s defense budget completely undermines… tough talk on China and calls into question the administration’s willingness to confront the Chinese Communist Party.” They added, “We can’t afford to fail in our constitutional responsibility to provide for the common defense.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and his administration to consider appropriate funding for national defense.
  • For members of Congress as the president’s budget proposal is discussed and voted on.
  • For bipartisan cooperation for the best interests of the country.

Sources: AP, VOA


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