NRA Exec Testifies in Federal Court

Attempts to incorporate in Texas questioned by attorneys.

 In January, the National Rifle Association filed for bankruptcy in New York after the state brought allegations of financial abuse. The group is attempting to incorporate in Texas, and hearing is currently being in federal court held to decide if that is a legally viable route for the NRA to take. Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre gave virtual testimony before Judge Harlan Hale in the Northern Texas District Court last week.

Mr. LaPierre was asked why state investigations haven’t found any digital messages sent or received by the millionaire. “I’m old fashioned,” he replied. “I haven’t sent any emails or texts.” When asked why the NRA filing for bankruptcy was kept secret from its board, LaPierre said that he didn’t want to plan to get leaked to the public before it was enacted.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal judges hearing cases regarding liberties supported by the Bill of Rights.
  • That God would accomplish His purposes through the federal judiciary.

Sources: AP, Reuters


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