USAF Assists with Sea Mine on Florida Beach

Discovered by Ft. Lauderdale law enforcement on patrol.

A Broward County deputy found a military marine mine that had washed ashore in the early hours Sunday morning. The device, which was approximately three feet in diameter, was secured while the county’s bomb squad and the U.S. Air Force were summoned to assist.

Law enforcement called the naval mine “a possible military explosive training device” since it had the word “inert” stamped on its side. The beach was temporarily closed while the Air Force examined the mine. It was then strapped onto a trailer and hauled away to be examined further. An investigation is underway.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the U.S. Air Force as they determine the nature of the mine that washed up onshore.
  • For federal, state, and local law enforcement as they seek to protect human life.

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