Migrant Children Housed at Military Bases

DOD approves request from HHS to use Texas bases.

The Pentagon approved the first of what is expected to be a series of requests to house migrant children at military bases across America. They have granted the Department of Health and Human Services access in Texas to dormitories and vacant land on which to construct temporary housing.

HHS officials have been conducting site visits for a number of weeks at bases in Virginia and Texas, but it did not take Defense Department more than a few hours to approve their request.

The use of military bases to house unaccompanied migrant children is not without precedent. Several bases across the South were used under President Obama’s administration. Though President Trump considered a similar move, it was not implemented by his administration.

President Biden’s administration is having to deal with the current border surge more quickly, ramping up facilities as thousands of migrants continue to head north.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For administration officials as they continue to contend with the challenges posed at the southern border
  • For the migrant children who have come into the country without parent or guardian and are being housed in various facilities from convention halls to “tent cities” and now on military bases.
  • About the cost to the U.S. government in manpower and in funding as the migration surge continues unabated.

Sources: Washington Examiner, CBS News


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