President Reinstates Child Asylum Applications

Part of the new administration’s immigration reforms, as long as parents are approved.

As the United States experienced an exponential influx of asylum seekers, former President Trump signed an executive order that instilled changes to immigration policy. This week, President Biden’s administration announced the reversal of multiple policies in sweeping immigration reforms.

The most immediate change is the reinstating of a program that allows Central American children to apply for asylum in their home country as long as their parents make it to the United States border. This allows children to not have to make the difficult journey and be able to join their parents once their asylum has been approved.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to work through the president’s administration as they implement immigration reforms.
  • That God would guide Border Protection agents as they deal with the growing influx of immigrants.
  • That God would protect immigrants from traffickers and smugglers.
  • For God’s purpose for U.S. immigration policy to be fulfilled.

Sources: AP, NBC News


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