Congress Evaluates Alternatives to F-35 Fighters

House committee chair seeking cost-saving measures.

Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Adam Smith of Washington, is looking for answers to the F-35 Joint Fighter Strike Program. This program is the most expensive one the Pentagon has ever launched, as Congress investigates cost overruns, supply chain mismanagement, and maintenance issues such as engine fires, structural cracks, and insulation issues in cooling lines.

“What does the F-35 give us?” asked Congressman Smith this past Friday. “Is there a way to cut our losses? Is there a way to not keep spending so much money for such a low capability? Because the sustainment costs are brutal.” He concluded, “What I’m going to try to do is figure out how we can get a mix of fighter attack aircraft that’s the most cost-effective — bottom line,” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Representative Smith as he heads the House Armed Services Committee.
  • For the Department of Defense as alternatives to the faulty fighters are considered.
  • For safety for the military pilots who fly the F-35s.

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