U.S. Life Expectancy at Lowest Since WWII

One year decline in national average lifespan.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that American life expectancy dropped to its lowest level since WWII. The full year was lost to the average expected lifespan of Americans was attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. Robert Anderson, who manages the CDC’s metrics said that the decline was “huge,” and has only taken place around massive losses of life. 

However, the decreases did not impact all demographics equally. African Americans life expectancy dropped by nearly three years, and Hispanic people by two. These numbers from the CDC only account for the first half of 2020, before another spike in deaths around the holiday season. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the CDC would be effective in evaluating and reporting data surrounding the pandemic. 
  • For Robert Anderson to keep the best possible data on the nation’s health. 
  • That God would work through the president’s administration to improve the general health of the public. 

Sources: USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post


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