Supreme Court Okays Pastor’s Presence for Death Row Inmate

Willie B. Smith III will be allowed a pastor for lethal injection.

Willie B. Smith III was scheduled to be executed through lethal injection this past week, but after he requested that his pastor be present for his passing in the death chamber, the case rose to the Supreme Court. On Friday, the Supreme Court sided with Willie Smith, maintaining his injunction until his pastor could be allowed to attend.

“Alabama has not carried its burden of showing that the exclusion of all clergy members from the execution chamber is necessary to ensure prison security. So the State cannot now execute Smith without his pastor present, to ease what Smith calls the ‘transition between the worlds of the living and the dead,’ ” Justice Elana Kagan wrote.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Supreme Court as they continue to uphold religious freedom.
  • That the Lord and His people would comfort those who are imprisoned.

Sources: AP, NY Times


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