Pentagon Will Lead Review of China Strategy

“Whole of government effort” ordered by President Biden.

On Wednesday, President Biden ordered a Pentagon-led review of China strategy as his administration examines the military and national security threat posed by the Asian power.

Fifteen people will be charged with examining America’s force posture in the region, as well as technology, intelligence, and the role of allies.

During a visit to the Pentagon, President Biden said, “It will require a whole-of-government effort, bipartisan cooperation in Congress, and strong alliances and partnerships. That’s how we’ll meet the China challenge and ensure the American people win the competition of the future.”

The Pentagon task force will be led by Ely Ratner, a longtime aid to the president and China specialist, and findings are to be delivered to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin within four months.

A recent Pentagon report said China’s ambition is to develop a military that is equal to, and in some respects superior to, that of the United States by 2050. “While that may be their goal, I would… intend to make sure that never happens,” Defense Secretary Austin said.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the 15-member team who will be reviewing America’s responses to China’s world influence.
  • For the U.S. military strategy to answer challenges posed by a politically and militarily determined China.
  • For the relationship that the new administration will be building with President Xi.
  • For America’s military leadership and its recent shows of force in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait.

Sources: Washington Examiner, CBS News, Associated Press


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