House Removes Representative Greene from Committees

Cites support of conspiracy theories as just cause. 

On Thursday, members of the House of Representatives voted to remove freshman Representative Majorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments. The vote, mostly along party lines at 230-to-199 was made due to Representative Greene’s support of conspiracy theories. As a result, she will no longer serve on the House Education or Budget committees. 

Though 11 members of her party crossed the aisle to vote for Greene’s removal, other members warned that the removal set a dangerous precedent for the future. Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma said, “I think you are, frankly, overlooking the unprecedented nature of the acts that you’ve decided upon, and where that may lead us when the majority changes.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would work His will through the actions of Congress.
  • For members of Congress to hold each other accountable according to the Constitution.

Sources: The Hill, AP, Politico


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