President Signs Executive Orders on Pandemic

President says his intent is to “build the trust of the American people.”

There have been over 24 million reported cases of COVID-19 nationwide and estimates say that the death rate in the U.S. passed 400,000.

In response, President Joe Biden laid out an extensive strategy in hopes to further address the virus. His plan includes increased funding and the creation of a Public Health Jobs Corps to put in place 100,000 federal employees who will work to fight the pandemic. He is also establishing a COVID-19 Response Office to coordinate an effort that reaches across federal agencies.

As part of his ten executive orders, provisions include using National Guard personnel, providing emergency supplies, complete federal government reimbursement for coronavirus vaccine costs, and allowing schools to reopen.

“To rebuild the trust of the American people, the National Strategy will signal clear public leadership and a commitment to a robust whole-of-government response that puts science first,” Biden’s strategy document says. “The federal government will be transparent with the American people, maintaining an open line of communication with the public and all stakeholders.”

President Biden also said he is retaining Dr. Anthony Fauci on his COVID Response Team.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Godly guidance for the president and his team as they work to stem the tide of the surge in the coronavirus.
  • For God to work through the COVID Response Team to achieve His will for the health of America.

Sources: AP, Reuters, Fox News, White House


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