Issue 474 – Federal Branches

Praying for Our Leaders in Government

Executive Branch: Pray for the President and his Administration

President Joe Biden and his administration are beginning with a Cabinet made up mostly of acting officials. They will be working closely with the Senate in order to review and confirm any of his top choices for key positions. Hearings have begun for Treasury and Defense Secretaries.

Vice President Kamala Harris said the administration work to take a “humane” approach to immigration. The administration’s plan includes a path to citizenship for millions living in the U.S. illegally, the granting of automatic green cards to immigrants with Temporary Protected Status and DACA recipients, and the addition of more immigration judges to alleviate the backlog at the border.

Pray God to be at work in and through President Biden and Vice President Harris as they begin their term of office.

Legislative Branch: Pray for Senators and Representatives of Congress

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will chair the Senate Budget Committee. In an interview, he said, “I believe that the crisis is of economic severity and we’ve got to move as rapidly as we can.” He is expected to work to take issues regarding taxes, health care, climate change, and other domestic issues.

Incoming vice president Kamala Harris submitted her resignation from her seat in the U.S. Senate Monday. California Governor Gavin Newsom has selected California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to serve the rest of Harris’ term, which ends in 2022.

Pray for the New Congress, and for the change in leadership in the Senate, to be wise and deliberative in their roles.

Judicial Branch: Pray for Supreme Court and Federal Judges

For more than three decades, the Federal Trade Commission has been able to use America’s courts to require companies that defraud consumers to refund their money. Currently, the agency’s restitution authority is being challenged in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments on a key case involving free speech and religious liberty rights on college campuses. The case involves a Georgia student who says he sought to share Christian pamphlets on campus in a peaceful manner when he was stopped by campus officials. Those officials directed him to use one of two “speech zones,” but these zones made up less than 1 percent of the entire campus.

Pray for the nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court as they hear and rule on cases that involve protections and freedoms of America’s citizens.

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