Ana Hinojosa, Executive Director, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Ana Hinojosa

Executive Director, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Ana Hinojosa earned an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and law enforcement administration from Texas A&M International University. She earned an MBA from the Commerce School of Texas A&M University, and a certificate from the Executive Development Program, Customs Leadership Institute at Columbia University.

She worked for nearly six years as Area Port Director for the Los Angeles International Airport and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. She led executive border initiatives in Washington, D.C., including working with border action plans with Canada and the 21st Century Border Management Initiative with Mexico. She spent five years as Director of Field Operations for CBP in El Paso, Texas. Hinojosa was Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the Office of International Affairs at CBP. She spent four years as the Director of Compliance and Facilitation for the World Customs Organization out of Brussels, Belgium, before assuming her current position as Executive Director of CBP’s Trade Remedy Law Enforcement Directorate in January 2020.

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Federal law prohibits the importation of goods mined, manufactured, or produced, in part or in whole, by convict labor, forced child labor, and indentured labor. During the fiscal year 2020, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued 13 orders directing officers to detain foreign goods from companies whose production relied on children, abused workers, and people in internment camps. International investigations were conducted to determine the goods that were produced by prohibited processes.

According to CBP Executive Director of Trade Remedy Law Enforcement Directorate Ana Hinojosa, the orders issued over the past year were more than the previous four years combined, which she said was “unprecedented” and the result of the agency’s growing trade team in 2020. She stated, For this upcoming year, I would expect that we would continue, at least at the same pace.”

CBP seized more than $50 million in goods in 300 cargo shipments of items made from forced labor.

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